Friday, February 15, 2008

Triangle House, Oslo

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Have you experienced this situation: you're tasked to make an artwork consisting of only two colors max and use only one art element in less than one hour. What would you do? Would you use half of that time whining and complaining? Well, for the architects of Jarmund/Vignæs AS Arkitekter MNAL, probably not. In fact, they might even use that setback as their main point, their strength. Setbacks? What setbacks? Architechts Einar Jarmund and Håkon Vignæs used setbacks to come up with interesting design/s, just like in their Triangle house (land laws and restrictions inspired them to create such unusual shape). With such house, you don't really need to buy a much conversation pieces; the house itself can start a conversation! These architects started in 1996 (in 2004, Alessandra Kosberg joined them). Their main objective is to make one project different and independent from the other, thus avoiding a specific 'style' or 'signature'.
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