Sunday, January 4, 2009

Magazines / Piling Up

Piling Up

Forgive me, my dear readers for being lax in my magazine preview/review thing. The last few months of 2008 has been cruelly hectic and full I wasn't able to finish the reviews. I'll still post whatever I have by next week, as usual, hopefully. Sayang eh, hehe. One of my resolutions, or as I would like to call it (thanks to Bea), goals this 2009 is to be as productive as I can. And that includes on-time reviews! haha At least on the same month of release. It would probly be quite hard because more often than not, magazines locally are released a week after the start of the month (sometimes even later), as opposed to the two-month advanced release of magazines abroad (i.e. Feb-Mar issues on Dec-Jan), which is not so much of a good thing either. Oh well, good luck to me!

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