Sunday, August 3, 2008

TV / Project Runway Philippines


Have you watched the first episode of project Runway Philippines?? I'm watching (by the time this post gets published, watched) the replay now (Sundays 230! yay!) and I have only one thing to say: like ETC (the network it is on) it's all good! It think it feels real...not contrived..not artificial. While it may be all that...I have to admit that some (SOME) parts feel a little awkward. It is an like mirror image of its American counterpart. FashPack said it best:

the local edition stars teresa herrera as heidi klum, rajo laurel as michael kors, apples aberin-sadhwani as nina garcia, and jojie lloren as tim gunn. o, perfect casting, 'diba?

Also, I cannot help but compare it to the Philippine version of ANTM. Now that there's something to compare it with, I feel a bit betrayed (LOL) because I thought then that PNTM did half ok (I know!). HAHA Although I still think that the photoshoots they did were nice..Great lensmen (and women) like Mark Nicdao, Ronnie Salvacion, Xander Angeles and several great photographers shot the stuff so yeah.

Since I mentioned PNfreakingTM, please ETC. Lease a new life on PNTM. Bring it up from the ashes.

On other designer looks like the guy Bryanboy posted on his site many many many maaany posts ago (do I have selective sharp memory or what?). That Eli guy (fast forward the video to 1:25, the one after Aries Lagat) looks like this guy. Click the links and see...

Catch Project Runway Philippines on ETC every Wednesdays @ 10pm with replays at these days and times: Thursdays 9am and 3pm, Saturdays 12mn and 8pm, Sundays 2:30pm and Mondays 9am.


Video from sweetnvmbr

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