Sunday, August 3, 2008

Books / Old Books

Old Books
My Loot for P85

I bought last week abunch of old books from our school library. As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. They were, I think, clearing up old old as in really old books (dating as old as 50s-60s) to give space to new stuff. A pretty late spring cleaning but oh well. Prices ranged from P5-30. Giveaway!

A week prior to this I read again one of my favorite Gala Darling post—the Moleskine Inspirations post. Super Inspiration! But Moleskines are so mahalia (read=expen$ive) for me...a thousand and half pesos for a notebook (but a really good one at that) is not yet (YET) worth my investment. And then this—Sevensixtwo's LJ is love! Read her previous posts..back to the Pictures from Italy posts. Eek! Why haven't I thought of that before? She used (i suppose) old books as canvass (or paper or whatever you call it).

So there I was..getting the oldest haggardest brittlest lumang bato books. yay! But with my current load, school and otherwise, I wish I would get started with stuff. (coughnewblogcough)

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