Friday, August 29, 2008

Random Thoughts / TGIF!!

August 08 Stuff
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I'm having a quite good Friday now and it's just exactly what I needed. I had a pretty tough week so yay for a happy day! Oh well, so much stuff and work had piled up already and I can't quite keep up! But I love this better than being stuck at home with nothing to do (although there are days I want to do that).

So why happy? First, I got Style: magazine today! I was thinking earlier today that I've set a sort of record for not buying a magazine (or anything for that matter) for a week. I mean for the longest time...this is a one super needed break. And besides, funds are really getting low and the to-buy list just grows longer and longer.

Another thing that made me happy is the news of H&M in my dear third world. Yes, friends, an H&M store will open here in the Philippines! (This is what I mean with that getting longer and longer list. Time to start saving...) Earlier today, I thought/dreamed/fantasized/prayed about having H&M here. I (jokingly) thought it would be funny if it would team up with SM. H&M/SM, get it? haha And it did. Super answered prayer much? hehe

The last thing is a new magazine coming this September (a few days from now...). Another budget-buster (which i don't mind! hehe): Garage in Semptember 08. Finally, a men's style magazine that is, how do I say this, quite more up my alley. But we'll see.

The rest of the August 08 mags coming up later. Better late than never ahahahahaha :-0

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  1. Hey where did you get your Style: magazine?

  2. i knew somebody who went to singapore so last minute pabile! hehe