Monday, August 18, 2008

Magazines / Mega August 2008

MEGA August 2008
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I used to buy Mega back issues then but I eventually stopped because I didn't like what I was seeing. I almost decided to get fresh issues monthly (or subscribe) but I just can't justify the purchase. They had good editorials here and there but, I don't know; maybe I just had other things to buy and Mega is not (yet) one of them. Plus I didn't like the layout/look/feel of the pages/cover so, I thought until they impress me, I'll settle for their back issues. This year, I started to like their covers and finally, this month, I bit the bullet and got Mega. The covers were good this year (except for that Isebel oli (??) cover; I just didn't get that[not the person ok, the look/feel of the cover]). The pages inside look good as well; I find it better compared to the past issues. (very little change I know but well, little details count)

MEGA August 2008 (1)
That fierce Apples. She's one of my reasons why I bought this issue

MEGA August 2008 (2)
She's so (thin and) beautiful. :-)

MEGA August 2008 (3)
But her face almost looked the same on all her pictures here. Like a paper doll, the clothes change but not the face. At least it's a super pretty face so...I don't mind! hehe

MEGA August 2008 (5)
The editorials were nice too. But, just like other fashion magazines out there (coughPreviewcough) it's bitin! At P150, I think there should be more. :-p

MEGA August 2008 (4)
Jasmine Maierhofer is fierce; she's one of my favorite local models. Mega actually makes great editorials; but sometimes, I have to take a second look to notice that.

The good cover and inside pages' paper they used also was a factor that convinced me into buying this issue. After seeing this issue, I think Mega is a great magazine afterall. Or maybe, Mega is a magazine where you have to take a second look before liking it. Or maybe it's just me. hehe The price is also too much especially if you compare it to other competing titles. Probably production is more expensive? I still haven't decided if this will be included in my regulars because there's just too much to buy! Mega has yet to prove that P150 damage monthly is worth buying begging or stealing for. As for this issue, it is! :-)

PS: Two of my favorite bloggers are inside!
MEGA August 2008 (6)
CVS of gets a mention on the blogging feature. I wonder why Bryanboy was not included.
MEGA August 2008 (7)
But at least he's still featured! hehe

Scans: Edrick

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