Friday, August 8, 2008

Magazines / August 08 Magazines...coming...

august mags
2 kilos of love..

Only waiting for one more (Rogue)and hopefully this is all. Previews and reviews coming later.

Man, despite of my lack of steady (and heavy) cash flow, I've been splurging for magazines. In times like these really I should be saving. I have several books on my wishlist..and saving now is two times harder because magazines are becoming better and better and better (and money comes by harder and harder!). I went to the mall yesterday to pick up the usual magazines I buy but ohh no..I got more than what's on my list (It's not on the picture abouve because those are back issues and maybe I'll share it later..hehe). Thankgoodness there's no Rogue yet so I won't be spending again it until next week when I check again. hahaha! I feel for Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style for being a maghag in times of , I quote her, "poor cash flow". I feel better now because 1000 miles (IDK) away on the other side of the globe..somebody is going through the same thing. hehehe

If there's one thing I learned about buying is that one should buy it hot of the racks/press/stands! It would feel better to leave the store with empty pockets (or a longer charge slips) than leave the store with empty hands! I experienced that several times and it's sad! Especially if it's free, run, don't walk! I hope I would still be able to find my hard copy of Status magazine. I checked out Powerbooks at Mall of Asia and they're out of stock. Ihatet! (HELP!!)

Aside from Rogue, I'm planning to add a few (coughMEGAcough) magazine on my regular monthly magazines. A subscription is the practical way to go but of course..but I live one magazine at a time! Just as the tagalog proverb says..and I rephrase it: Isang kahit isang magazine! hehe

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