Monday, April 6, 2009

Magazines / Mag Rack: April 09

april 2009 mags

Still waiting for Rogue & T3. I loved it all! Round up later.

I got so excited with Preview that I dropped it; I wanted to avoid folding it so I put it inside the plastic carefully. But I missed it and it slipped! In such cases: let it go because if you try to catch or hold it, you'll just probably crumple it more/tear it apart. And don't forget to "keep calm and carry on".


PS— Big big thanks to Team Flow for my copy of Flow 3 :-)


  1. i must say preview issue is good. isabelle daza totally killed it. she looked fuckin awesome.

    mega... hasn't had a good year so far.

  2. agree!

    in fairness to mega, they're ok lang, pero im more team preview haha