Friday, April 3, 2009

Magazines / April 09 Preview


I did it again! I used to restrain myself from checking new Preview covers online so that I'll be super surprised when I see it the first time on the stands..but as of late I cannot help it. Save this link on your bookmarks if you, too, cannot wait to see the actual magazine live, hehe.

Anyway, kudos to Team Preview for another fierce (and probably controversial!) cover. I can't wait to see what's inside!

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  1. I got this issue cos a friend of mine is in the supplement haha! But I was also really drawn to the cover. I could have just checked out my friend in her copy but i bought the issue. There's something i really like about the cover. Haha. I must say, I really like the issue. Isabelle Daza killed it in the cover story! I also like the editorials, especially the beauty editorial, to me Lilen Uy never fails.

    It's only my 2nd preview issue EVER. The only other issue I have is the 10th anniversary issue. The one with the swarovski stickers.The one where all 10 coverstars had their own editorial. That was awesome awesome awesome.

  2. OMG!! i've been looking for that 10th anniv issue for ages!!! sold out i think. grabe, can you do scans? or whatever? pashare!! haha

    anyway. this is my favorite issue so far, i love the cover and the eds! every editorial, winner. and oh, you said there's something you like about the cover, maybe it's because it's lady gaga much? haha ang galing, no? i wish lang that the supplement had more stuff, bitin kasi!