Monday, April 6, 2009

Art & Design / "Zeitgeist Becomes Form" @ Yuchengco Museum




  1. i chanced upon the exhibit while on a metro cover shoot! you should def check it out!!! awesome. just awesome.look out for the peter lindberg photo with the 90s supermodels in it. die.

  2. i am so coming!! i just have to find time (and a buddy or two hehe)
    and....shushal, metro shoot!!

  3. YOU MUST! Hahaha oh btw I didn't shoot for metro ha hahaah i just helped innit and umepal. lol

    speaking of metro the christine reyes cover nung march (and cover story) was suuuper nice. C L A S S.

  4. you def have an exciting life!

    and yes, i've seen that one. too bad i didn't buy it hehehe kaya i made bawi and bought this month's instead (though that christine r. cover was super nice talaga IMHO) it's probly crazy to say this but what i love most about metro is their paper/printing! haha