Friday, April 3, 2009

Magazines / Goodbye Marie Claire, hello Women's Health

Super nice cover! Sadly...this one's the last...

Is this true? Or i just don't get what "Goodbye MC! Three years of style and substance" means? Three years ago when I first heard of the news that there will be a local version of MC, I felt mixed emotions/reactions. I was happy because it was something good the Philippine magazine industry; it's not like any country can have MC local version just like that. But at the same time I was quite unsure of this move because there's already Preview, another women's magazine (and then some) in Summit Media's stable of titles. They were doing and looking ok for me but I only payed closer attention to MC when saw that amazing Lea Salonga cover. Well, we are living in hard times....for a magazine junkie like me, it's sad to see any magazine go. Locally, only a title or two has folded up so far...hopefully this is the last! I see it......our magazine industry is still a strong one because at this crazy point in time new magazines are still being released left and right! I saw a new MMPI title last month (HAIR, I think...will follow up later) and now this:

She-men's health!

Well...girls really have it better because for every new men's magazine released, there are what, 300 new magazines for women?! hahaha JK.

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