Thursday, April 2, 2009

Art & Design / Personal Works: Photography 2 Plates

For our Photography 2 class, we were tasked to shoot half a ton of night/low light photos and then at the end of the semester, we had to submit two favorites—printed and framed.

Prior to our Finals we had to submit 20 photos...we can shoot x amount of photos but we can submit 20 photos only. There were 4 categories with 5 photos each: moving camera, moving light, still light and fireworks. Not much restrictions as long as it fit the category...and oh yeah, it had to be creative! (Experimental? I'm not sure but that's what I did...)

DSC_0133-20090317_3121 copy

That photo above is from the still light set. Those white specks you can see are actually stars. I'm not a pro when it comes to shooting stars but what the heck, I gave it a try anyway. Super long exposure (20-30 secs I think—on a wiggly jiggly tripod, kumusta naman) and a speedlight..not! I used my phone's led flash. How haggard! But I was just trying to experiment with what I had that time. I liked it anyway, hehe (although there's much more noise in that photo than in a busy street).

DSC_0136-20090317_3122 copy

After submitting all 20 photos, we had to shoot again an entirely different set. Pick one from that, print, frame then submit. Easy to say but to tell the truth, pretty hard to accomplish! Especially when you don't have much time (and resources ie equipment, moddle/s) in your hands! So there, I did it anyway..but not without bumps along the way!


I shot photos 2 and 3 on the roof top of a particular building. Stoopid me, I lacked foresight and totally forgot to get some sort of letter/approval/whatnot. We started shooting at 9pm (just right after the midweek service at church!!) and ended 30-ish minutes after. Suprise! 3 feeling bully student guards welcomed us just before we could leave the place. After a few minutes of arguing, we just ended up giving our names. How sad. April, if you are reading this, sorry again!!

All that just for a nice photo.

I'm not head over heels about how the photos turned out (or maybe it's just me..) but I liked it anyway; pretty close to what I had in mind. This whole semester of night shooting brought me more trouble* than I expected (ie campus curfew issues, tripod that I had to lug from Manila to Cavite then back...for a month or so! etc) but nevertheless it was fun. Frustrating at times but I learned quite a lot!

And for the record, we didn't do anything in that dimly lit rooftop but shoot! hahaha Our conscience is as white as Miranda Priestly's hair so, good luck to whoever will challenge us (at the school security/records chuva)!! hahaha

*Not super big time trouble but for OC me, any trouble, big or small is trouble enough to make me worry :-7