Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Thoughts / Little things that make me happy


I hate ants. That's a fact. I try to be nice to them. They tried to make a castle out of my things. Edrick and ants don't go well together so I had to eradicate the poor homeless ants—the humane way: I let them go away on their own. I checked it today and guess what—they were still there. Inside that bee from Bee Movie. Wth? Quickly, I headed towards the sink, washed them off with cool running water, soaked everything in a small tub, waited for a few minutes, rinsed and left it there to dry. Ants, don't you ever go near my things again. Ever.


  1. i haaaaaate ants!

    they've attacked my laptop and slr cam.

    of all the things, they setup their home (and knaw their way) in our most beloved possessions!


    sorry to hear about your swiped phone btw. karma will balance things out...

  2. what!? what happened to the laptop and cam? my, i've been seeing a few ants in my laptop every now and then. yuck! why don't they just live in the wild no? hehe

    and oh yeah, thanks. as they say, karma is a bitch. hehe i just can't get over the loss of my phone files! :-o

  3. *gnaw (sorry)

    they actually rendered the camera in danger of short circuit. they ate wires. well, it's now fixed.