Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Magazines / Mag Rack: May 09

may 09 mags

First batch. Still waiting for one more (Rogue). I want to get every title at the stands but we all know that's not quite possible. haha! / I have been meaning to buy Adobo for ages (I only have two plus this one so three); finally I got one again. I especially like Adobo's printing and paper. / Enrich is Mercury Drug's (gasp!) mag—very nice cover, no? Previews later. / And oh, yes, I got Mega—I almost wanted to skip this one until I had a quick peek inside the issue and saw a bit of one really nice ed. Very nice ed. So little or no regrets. / And then there's Preview—worth the long(ish) wait! Great issue! Except for the cover which I didn't super like. Why? One, I'm not a fan of face only covers (except for i-D); two, look at the cover that didn't make it—it's 100x better!


What do you think?


  1. I agree. Thay Day Glo colours on Preview's cover were just a little too much. The beauty shot of Ruffa was great though. The blurbs just made the cover look a little too busy. Neutrals would complement well.

  2. that day glo is all about stephen sprouse but then again, the last three i think issues all had special colors on the cover. but im not complaining hahaha! and yeah, true, that's a great beauty shot pero as i said, not much a fan haha (it's just me..)

    i just love the cover that didn't make it. remove all cover blurbs and just put one handwriten (custom, not a font) blurb and that's it, a fierce cover! IMHO.