Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quick Thoughts / I bit the bullet...with my now "tweeting" beak

I now tweet. It's here (the place for my quick must-read updates posts!! hehe). And oh yeah, I fezbook now too. I know, right?



  1. about time! EVERYONE facebooks..haha..

  2. for the record, i didnt fazebook just bc everybody has one. haha really, what prompted me to have one (ok, i had one beforebefore pa, i just didn't bother to update and whatnot..) was when i was asked by a 60something y/o friend to add her up. kumusta daba?! haha and i like it anyway, todo connect connect to friends new and old! hehe

    todo explain. xx

  3. defensive! sige na nga, sige na! haha...

    yup, stalker website ang fesbook, lahat ng ginagawa ng friends mo, masisilip mo. haha...

    uuuyyy icongrats mo naman ako sa 60 year old friend mo, ang groovy!!!!!! hahaha... :)

  4. well, i know i want it. hahaha! sana lang facebook will not go the friendst..whatsdatagain?'s route..baka maging phase(out)book. hahaha :-)