Sunday, November 9, 2008

Magazines / Status Mag - Free No More


I dunno if I'd take this as good news or bad news. Why good news? I've been checking this out since issue one (thanks to Daily Nagali, who is now on hiatus again :-c ) and have been trying to get my own hard copy but unfortunately, the distribution points are always out-of-stock. Or sometimes, the sales-person is just plain clueless. Anyway, I sort-of prayed before that Status should start being 'for sale' so that I can have my copy for sure. Prayers really get answered when you ask really hard. hehehe

Read this (from their newsletter):
Yeah, we know that everyone wants them some STATUS and they want it bad. But we're gonna go ahead and blame the recession for why not everybody has a copy of our wonderful mag in their hands.

Higher printing costs and advertisers who need to know that one greedy Starbucks customer didn't just hoard a whole stockpile of issues, means that we've got to start selling STATUS.

These days, love just might cost a thing--especially when we discharge a lot of sweat, blood, and tears just to get all those foreign features and all that slick photography onto our pages.

But you still love us, right? Which is why you wont mind cashing P 180 out for a publication that wont let a lil' inflation get it down. We're gonna stand out on those magazine stands and offer everybody the STATUs theyve always craved. And more, of course: a bi-monthly that looks forward in features, beyond in scope, and now, can be found anywhere. Sure, we're selling—but we're never selling out.
Yay! And now, why bad news? Oh well, I've been having my own mini-recession myself now. In times like these when funds are on a critical low, the last thing you want is another wallet-burner. But I want it. As I said earlier, prayers get answered when you ask really hard. I need a new raket!

Photo from Status Mag

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