Sunday, November 16, 2008

Films & Videos / Will It Freaking Blend, Again

To blend or not to blend? (My favorites)

Light Bulbs: Yay! Science projecty.

Toy Cars: Nay! :-(

Make-up: Yay! For curiosity's sake. Or something that should be shown to foundation-day type of girls*

Tilapia: Yay! Tilapia smoothie, anyone? BTW. I didn't know it was also called Tilapia abroad? hehe

Magnets: Yay! Again, for curiosity's sake.

Go to Will It Blend for more. Btw, I got this gem of information from PGHQTV. You should check out their fun posts. Like the new McD store in Japan, love it! :-)

*Girls who put on too much make-up, specifically foundation.

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