Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Thoughts / Dear Bea and Curves and Everybody,

Screen shot 2010-02-28 at 4.35.26 PM
☝ So many pictures from last night, so little time and energy to upload....le sigh.

Had so much fun last night at Tanya's party. I didn't realize I was tired already until I got home and got to rest. I woke up @ 12something today. That tired. Well, just catching up some ZZZZZs. Anyway. I took so much pictures. I'd love to upload now them but being the OC system-crazy me (you know me), these photos still have to undergo some SOPs which for some reason takes so mush time. That doesn't even include editing/retouching/general photochopping. Oh well. Mmwait, I don't really do general photochopping (I only resize and ocassionally, refine color/lighting), though I wish I did.

And yes, I want but can't really go on uploading all 800something of these photos. Super dami! I'd reduce it to probably 600-700. hahaha. I know right, still a lot. If you want a copy of everything, lezmeet nalang; bring you flashdisk, it's our friend.

I wish to be online and blogging and posting pictures and all more often but alas, I can't. I still have to pack my things for yet another werq werq fashion baby week. If time and energy permits, the photos (and then some) will be up during the week. ☺


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