Sunday, February 14, 2010

Blog Update / It has been a looooooong while...

I'm leaving on a jet plane....NOT

...since I last updated. Zuperduper busy in real life. No time for most things, even sleep. Oh, wait, sleep? What sleep?

Anyway. I do update via twitter much more regularly than I do here. So follow my updates (mag previews, quick reviews, pics, and random random fun and stuff) @edrick02.

Regular blog programming will resume as soon as school/work is done. ☺ ⚡ ✌

Here are some random pics, because I'm random like dut. Okay, for a maghags and design junkies like me, this isn't exactly random. Looking at pictures of mags/books/etc is a regular bodily function (like eating, breathing, etc) Hehe ☺


1 comment:

  1. welcome back!!! droooling over those art books/mags waaah!