Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random Thoughts / One More Week...


Am I the Bryanboy of magazine blogging? Lots of magazines, so little blogging time. One more week 'til vacation sweet vacation! Grabe, just a few more weeks days and it's twenty-ten oledi.

And oh, PS: I got Preview December yesterday (weee!) but how sad—it did not come with the Nokia x Preview x Slims supplement thing. WT? I already asked about it and they mag people of FB will contact me as soon as they get details. I vreally want that supplement so goodluck nalang x10!


  1. "Am I the Bryanboy of magazine blogging?"

    --> You are you are!!! Haha! If had more time too, i'd be blogging about magazines everyday! (ambisyosa!) Keep it up edrick and happy holidays!!!

  2. HAHA :-D merrychristmashappynewyear!

  3. i haven't bought the dec preview yet. gosh... haha. i kinda don't like the cover. haha.

  4. @mike: the cover that didn;t make it mas feeers

    but the eds, eyelovesit :-)

  5. @mike: PS demi moore in balmain for W isdatchu ehehehehe

  6. @mike: i didnt buy it too! ---> eeevill pero if edrick says the eds are good then im off!

    @edrick: Agree! More ferokk = the cover that didnt make it!

    And this: Jinkee Pacquiao is the Jan Feb covergirl! Whapakman! LOL!

    clicky click:

  7. i was waiting for this! grabe ang aga nila mag post hindi ko kinya! pero ilovesit ha in all fairness hott si jinkee!! i cannot wait for janfeb. hahaha grabegrabegrabe

  8. i am feeeeeeling your excitement my deeeeeear!!! a very happy new year to us!