Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Magazines / Jinkee Pacquiao for Preview Jan-Feb 2010


Last weekend, I heard Kris say something on the Buzz about Jinkee and Preview and an animal printastic spread. I didn't have internet access then so I thought I'll just check it when I get back home. I forgot all about it til yesterday when reader Thyz pointed it out. And oh boy ohemgee wow.

Hindi ko a good good way! Check out the full vid here and the behind the scenes feature here. Super early posting team stylebible x preview! Or could it be because Kris let the leopard, err, cat out of the bag na? Hehehehehe.

☝ What say you?

☝ Looking good is the best revenge. Agree? ☺

☝ O hai, Krista wahahahahahahaha

☝ Werq.

☝ Oha! Hotta hotta ha. Aminin.


Team Preview FTW. I'm so eggzited azzin azzin.

PS–I haven't heard from the FB people yet about the missing Slim's supplement. ☹

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