Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blog Update / Tech Booboo

Am I on a multi-month/extended mercury retrograde mode? Or I'm just malazz tech-wise? I don't want to be nega and all but I can't help but share my tech boo boo list, haha.

  • A few months ago, I lost my phone (on my birthday eve, of all days).
  • My external HDD is still as frozen as the fish and peas in our freezer (read: sira, can't say the C word for OA/OC reasons).
  • Every time I try to post something and/or blog, the innernet decides to stop working. And just recently, the power lines decided to take some time off.
  • Now, my poorita-neanderthal-stone-age-piece-of-metal and plastic junk-machine we usually call a laptop decided to give me a headache and not work well. It's not totally dead yet. Something is wrong—I can't figure out what it is. Probably hardware related. I spent the whole saturday night trying to troubleshoot the darn thing (of course, I did that in between MMK, PBB, and NNNN + Bananasplit + Sports Unlimited! Look at what no-pc/internet is doing to me, I get to watch lots of TV!), but it still won't werq well. Now, I'm left with this ultra-slow-neanderthaltastic-stone-age-ice-age-times-two desktop computer. My brother has an okay laptop but nevermind (the P word is as big as Texas hahalol). A slow/chaka PC is better than no-PC at all. Bye.
But I'm okay. I just have to take my mind off these things for a while. I have other things to do anyway, like go through my growing pile of unread newspapers; or actually read my magazines (hahaha...aminin...), or make lists of other things to do, plus other random things.

Speaking of techie things...CEL Manila 2009 is almost here!

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