Sunday, April 6, 2008

Preview Magazine April 2008

Preview April 2008
HOT! (click to view in full size glory)

Hot! I first saw this on TV (of all places, TV Patrol). I really love the excitement of seeing the new issue every time I go to the newsstands/bookstores to get my copy. But this time, I didn't feel it as I saw it on TV first and then online. Haha But still, it's quite nice. Although I would've loved it more if they, as I always said/say/will say, featured a non-celeb/star. Right?? ;-)

Anyway, in the editor's letter, Pauline Juan said that they were supposed to make a green issue but they can't because they can't find enough material for it. Ngek. She said that she hopes that a demand for green fashion would grow out of this issue (they have articles about eco-fashion). All I can say is why wait for a demand when they create it? Hmmm.

After reading and flipping through the issue, I found it bitin. I want more! More! 3 editorials (1 cover ed + 2 editorials) is quite bitin. hehe

Preview April 2008 (1)

Preview April 2008 (2)

Preview April 2008 (4)

Preview April 2008 (3)


[1-2] Cover Editorial, Preview April 08 / Photographed by Jeanne Young / Styled by Liz Uy
[2-3] An Ode to Ophelia, Preview April 08 / Photographed by Juan Caguicla / Styled by Norman Crisologo

Now, I'm just waiting for Imagine Summer 08 (Imagine the Future) to come out..hehe

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