Friday, April 4, 2008

The Hard Labor of Manual Binding

Haggardness :-S

These fingers have been itching to blog because there's a lot to be blogged about recently (for me at least, like my thoughts on our recent photoshoot, Kitty Go's 10 cents worth about GG and BG, Naomi spitting, and a lot more) but I'm so occupied with Cyanide (!). I finished it finally last weekend but still can't finalize the site/download as i don't know how to secure that thing, and i dunno too where to upload it. Also, i want my friends to see it first before the world (oh as if people would flock to Cyanide's blog like this is some sort of Viktor & Rolf or CDG/Rei Kawabuko creation for H&M haha).

Anyway, these hands have been busy since, uh, yesterday cutting and folding and pasting and binding like it's the 18th century again. haha The only high-tech thing i used was the printer. I only used paste, a tiny cutter, scissors and a ruler! I just got the giant cutter (and by giant i mean GIANT, i'll show later) I borrowed later in the afternoon, two cutter-cut magazines later. Oh the labor! haha Talk about (serious_ desktop publishing. It's quite fun though–i felt like a school kid doing his art project. :-) And yes, I know I could search online but that would double production time. (With all the blogs I have been reading and following and all the treasures and fun finds i see online...heeeheheheheheeheee)

It's quite rough around the edges (literally) but I liked the outcome(s) so far. Watch out for Cyanide as I might upload it this weekend (or Saturday night if i'm lucky). Have a happy weekend! :-)


  1. I'm waiting for your Cyanide project...break a leg! hehehe

  2. i think it's inspired by Imagine... ??? :D

  3. a little probably? hehe but we've started conceptualizing/materializing this even before imagine. odaba! hehehe

  4. oh no. it's hard to explain eh. but as i put it this way: it's our creative outlet. we do photoshoots and all that and that's about it. it stops there. so i said why not make a magazine (we love mags) and put our stuff there? i guess that's it. :-D