Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Thoughts / Little Things That Make Me Happy / New magazines, a new book, and then some


As previously blogged, life has not been super duper chill recently. Maybe not super duper for some but you see, I tend to overstress with just about everything (life, werq, bills, and well everything in general hahaha). With so many things driving me nuts and bolts rn, I needed something to keep me motivated and movin and what better way to do that than to do magazine grocery!! hahaha Wow it's been a while (that's true) and with yesterday's loot, I think I set a new personal record. Grawbe can I just say I'm the poorest/happiest maghag now lol.

PLUS the package I have been waiting for quite a time now arrived yesterday! Finally got my copy of Contemporary Graphic Design (Taschen). I've seen a few copies locally but I figured out buying abroad would be more economical for me because it's cheaper and I don't mind waiting (read: kuripotschikova).

And with the "and then some" thanks to my superfriends basta. You guise know who you are :-)


  1. Ooh, did you get the Arena Homme Plus at Booksale too? I was surprised they even sold that...

  2. I know!! haha and ya got it from booksale, hope they bring in more haha

  3. Magazines as motivation, tell me something new! Hahahaha!

    I AM EATING THE ARENA HOMME + at the moment. Thanks for lending me, bilang I am Booksale deprived. Love ya Ed, like a billion time over. =)

  4. aw thysz wuv ya back! :-)) more more more maghag moments for us! :-)))