Thursday, March 19, 2009

Art & Design / "Kamuning" @ Lunduyan Art Gallery

Kamuning Event

Please join us on March 8th, 6pm, Sunday at Lunduyan Art Gallery!

‘Kamuning’…the tree, the place, figures prominently in the landscape of agronomy, politics, economics and culture.

‘Kamuning’ presents a myriad of images, of color and texture; a kaleidoscope of people, places and events – if its not in ‘kamuning’? where else could you find it?

Eighteen personalities presents “KAMUNING” , a group show to portray the persona that is Kamuning in diverse forms and medium. Opening reception is on March 8th, Sunday at 6pm. The show runs from March 8, to 26, 2009 at the LUNDUYAN ART GALLERY – a fitting ‘sanctuary’ for contemporary art.

The exhibit is an initiative of Martinez Art Project (MAP). MAP is a group of mentors and prodigies who share artistic gifts and creative experiences. The works are as diverse as the personalities, creating a cliché of expression from every conceivable materials translated into works of art; conceptual, functional and traditional. Presenting a genre that is collective yet personal.

The MAP members are: Ling Quisumbing Ramilo, Popo San Pascual, Pancho Villanueva, Gari Buenavista, Guido Maria Inocencio, Maria Katrina Tan, Raymond Lee, Diding Ramilo, Joanne Cantiller, Perla Zita, Btoi, Lek Infante, Ian Quisumbing, Tin-tin Quisumbing, Rocelie Delfin, Jingle Munar, Andong, and Fem.

Curated by Christina Quisumbing Ramilo.

I totally missed the opening of this one, thanks to my to-be-strictly-followed "first-things-first" policy* (read: deadly deadlines/tons of unfinished school stuff). Anyway, you can still check it out until March 26th.

*the cause if my looong blog absence :-p

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