Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quick Thoughts / Breaking Point

At the D&G offices (if i'm not mistaken), you are denied entry when you look haggard/stressed.

Waving my security badge over the office doors - I instantly started to feel myself again. I would soon be back amongst well-dressed people, nice furniture and real floral arrangements. After another 2 swipes of my badge though I realised something was VERY wrong and my appearance was more of a (deranged) kid outside the sweetie shop than a professional employee. My access to the building appeared had been very definitely denied...

I've now decided the whole entry thing is a secret company code for any of its staff that are starting to look, how shall we put this politely? "Slightly unhinged" - entry forbidden until one's composure is recovered. Needless to say after a long lunch I was re-admitted.

Read it here.

PS—Grabe, paano pa kaya ako??

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